shop drawings

Architectural glass and metal shop drawings for both commerical and residential projects. We take a step by step process through efficient communication and approvals with our clients to ensure a quality set of shop drawings are expedited on time.

3D CAD Models

From marketing displays to the shop floor and on site situations, 3D models help clarify those "one of" and "special case" details that 2D drawings just can't. When dealing with end users outside your industry, 3D models offer that extra facet of clarity.

Thermal Simulations

Thermal simulation reports will evaluate your fenestration systems' performance capability within your specified enviornmental conditions.

As more projects are specifed to the NRFC (National Fenestration Research Council) parameters, thermal simulation packages can save a lot of time and money right from the estimating & design stages.

Parametric 3D Models

Parametric 3D models links excel sheet formulas to the 3D drawing. Best used for standard windows and curtainwall frames. Parametric packages automatically update the bill of materials with a simple input of  length and width. Drawings are done in full colour 3D and are templated to show dimensional references to the bill of materials only, eliminating the redundancies of redrawing the same parts with minor dimensional variances.